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Polkerris, Pilchards and Palaces

Nigel Hall gave us an extremely well researched talk about Polkerris, Pilchards and Palaces. With the excellent Rashleigh Archives held in the Cornwall Record Office, Nigel was able to put together a picture of the Pilchard Fishing from Polkerris from the late 16th Century until its demise in the 19th Century. One of the slides he showed us was a fascinating image of an old map which showed the seines (Pilchard fishing nets) in St Austell Bay. He explained the process of curing and storing the Pilchards so they could then be exported mostly out of Fowey to the Catholic countries in the southern Mediterranean area. There were many questions for Nigel after his talk. Two for you now…how any Pilchards does a 'hogshead' hold? (Answer 7000) Why were the Pilchard cellars called 'palaces'? (Answer – unknown) Research seems to lead to more research. Nigel's book was available to buy afterwards.


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