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Fowey Harbour Heritage Society

Sir Charles Augustin Hanson, Baronet, 1846 – 1922

Born in Fowey the eldest of six children, Charles Augustin Hanson travelled to Canada when he was 18.  After spending 22 years in the Wesleyan Ministry there he formed a stock brokerage company, Hanson Brothers Montreal, with two brothers.  On returning to England in 1890 he joined the London Stock Exchange.

During his remaining illustrious career he became a Magistrate, an MP, High Sheriff of Cornwall, Alderman of the City of London and, in 1916, he won Bodmin for the Conservatives where he served as MP until his death in 1922.  In 1917 he became the first Cornishman to be granted the honour of being made Lord Mayor of London and presented the gold badge and chain he wore in office to Fowey. They are now displayed in Fowey Museum.  His Baronetcy was awarded in 1918.

Fowey Hall, now a hotel, was completed in 1899 to accommodate his family and it was to here he retired, due to ill health, at the age of 75.


Research Carol Eardley


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