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Fowey Harbour Heritage Society
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Recommended Reading

N.A. Ackland & R.M. Druce, Lanteglos by Fowey: The Story of a Parish, (Fowey, 1978)

Frances Burdett, The Story of St Saviour at Polruan, (Polruan, 1968)

Richard Carew, Survey of Cornwall, 1602, (London: Tamar Books, 2000).

M Coate, Cornwall in the Great Civil War, (Oxford, 1933)

Joan Coombs, A Fowey Jigsaw, (RFYC, 2000)

Helen Doe A Fair and Commodious Haven: The History of the Harbour of Fowey, (Truro: Truran, 2010)

Helen Doe, Maritime History of Cornwall; An Introduction, (Tor Mark Press, 2006)

Helen Doe , Jane Slade of Polruan, (Truro: Truran, 2002)

Daphne du Maurier, Vanishing Cornwall, (Harmondsworth,1967)

Billie Graeme and Jim Matthews, Selected Pictures of Fowey Past and Present, (Crewkerne: H & B Graeme, 1977)

Billie Graeme and Jim Matthews, Fowey Album, (Penryn; Graeme and Matthews, 1991)

Michael Graham, The Troy Boats of Fowey, (Fowey, 1997)

Charles Henderson, Essays in Cornish History, (Oxford, 1935)

John Keast, The King of Mid Cornwall: The Life of Joseph Thomas Treffry, 1782-1850, (Truro: Dyllansow Truran, 1982).

John Keast, The Story of Fowey, (Dyllansow Truran, 1987)

John Keast, The Book of Fowey, (Barracuda Books, 1987)

Maryanne Kowaleski, The Havener’s Accounts of the Earldom and Duchy of Cornwall, 1287-1356. Vol. 44, Devon and Cornwall Record Society, (Exeter: DCRS, 2001).

Catherine Parkes, Fowey Estuary Historical Audit, (Cornwall Archaeological Unit; 2000)

Isobel Pickering, Pictures of a Parish, (Fowey: Author, 1993).

Isobel Pickering,  Some Goings On! A Selection of Newspaper Articles About Fowey, Polruan and Lanteglos Districts from 1800-1899,  (Fowey: Author, 1985).

Isabel Pickering, Images of Yesteryear in Lanteglos by Fowey, (Author: 2003)

Isabel Pickering, Back-a-Long, (Author: 1997)

Paul Richards, Rediscover Fowey, (Fowey, 1996)

Paul Richards and Derek Reynolds, Fowey at War (n.d.)

R.Royall, Fowey Town Trail Walkabout, (Fowey,1988)

Henry N. Shore, Old Foye Days, (1896)

I.D. Spreadbury, Brief history of Fowey, (Old Cornwall Society  n.d. 1965?)

I.D. Spreadbury, The Church of St Fimbarrus, Fowey, (Fowey, n.d.)

C. H. Ward-Jackson, Ships and Shipbuilders of a Westcountry Seaport: Fowey 1786-1939 (Truro: Twelveheads Press, 1986).

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