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Fowey Harbour Heritage Society
Pirate ship in Fowey Harbour

Our Publications

We produce an annual journal called 'The Barquentine', in which we publish articles, long or short, relating to the history and heritage of the Fowey River area. It might be a new piece of research – there are many dedicated researchers in the area – or some recollections of earlier times. Contributions are welcome from anyone, member or non-member, who has information to share. The Barquentine is free to members and can be purchased for £5 at our meetings, from selected outlets around the harbour or via our secretary.

Journal Volume 7 (2020)

Volume 7 (2020)


  • Fowey Wills in the National Archives, 1700-1750, Alex Lewis 
  • John Wolcot and Peter Pindar in Fowey, Viv Hendra 
  • The Fruit Schooners of Salcombe and Fowey, Roger Barrett 
  • A Cornish Reading Room,  Anon 
  • Admiral FitzRoy, Chris Bradish  
  • A Memory of Bennetts Ship Chandlers,  Graham A’Lee 
  • Memories of Fowey and St Austell Bay,  Jonathan Varcoe  
  • 70 Years of the Fowey River Class 
  • Literature, Nostalgia and a Sense of Place, Jonathan Varcoe 
  • Denys Val Baker – Cornish Writer, Suzanne Goddard  
  • Joseph Thomas, Civil Engineer of Looe,  Simon Cole 

Journal Volume 6 (2019)

Volume 6 (2019)


  • Ship Chandlering Days Remembered, John Keast
  • The Japanese Links with Fowey: A Note, Harry Hackett
  • Fowey Shipping Activity in 1930
  • William Morris Glass at Polruan,  Michael G Swift    
  • Graham and Graham: Brothers in Law, Eileen Scholes
  • Coastal Shipping in Fowey and St Austell Bay, Jonathan Varcoe
  • Silvanus Trevail and his Buildings, Chris Bradish
  • Percy Varco, Footballer: A Tribute, D J Taylor
  • 90 Years of the Troys

Journal Volume 5 (2018)

Volume 5 (2018)


  • Fowey and Pilchard Fishing: Fact and Fiction, Alex Lewis  
  • Joseph Thomas Austen/Treffry, Jonathan Varcoe
  • A Polruan Master Mariner at War, David Hill
  • Introduction: Fowey Harbour and District in WW1, Helen Doe
  • Fowey and the Great War,  David Rowan
  • The Names on the Fowey War Memorial, Jane Staniland
  • Lanteglos by Fowey and WW1, Helen Doe
  • Lerryn/St Veep in WW1, Sue Daw  
  • Golant/St Sampson in WW1, Sue Reardon

Journal Volume 4 (2017)

Volume 4 (2017)


  • A Geomorphologist looks at Fowey's Physical Heritage, Paul Pickering
  • Nicholas Kent: Fowey’s Lost Vicar, Alex Lewis
  • Captain Samuel Tregaskes and the steam tug Treffry of Par, Jonathan Varcoe
  • William Varcoe Kellow, shipowner of the port of Fowey, Jonathan Varcoe
  • A Brief History of Fowey Races, Tony Lake
  • Fowey Harbour’s Shipbuilding Heritage, Helen Doe
  • Whitecross Village School, Anon  
  • Isabel Pickering - An Appreciation, Helen Doe
  • Jim Matthews - An Appreciation, Marcus Lewis
  • Dr Gerry Hones - An Appreciation, Celia Hones, Jo Common, Kate Freegard

Journal Volume 3 (2016)

Volume 3 (2016)


  • The Blockhouses of Polruan and Fowey, Stephen & Ashley Cooper
  • Another View, Sam Drake
  • The Vessels of Stephens' 'Fleet of Little Ships', Jonathan Varcoe    
  • Stephen's Fleet List, Jonathan Varcoe
  • Railways to Fowey, Tony Vincent
  • Haveners and Harbourmasters of Fowey, 1200 to 1900, Helen Doe
  • CH Ward-Jackson – A Brief Memoir, Jonathan Varcoe    
  • Ward-Jackson – An Appreciation, Helen Doe
  • Writers, Artists and Fowey Harbour, Gerry Hones
  • Favourite Places, Liz Jolliff  and Ros Eaton

Journal Volume 2 (2015)

Volume 2 (2015)


  • Whatever happened to the George of Fowey? by Alex Lewis
  • Lerryn Voluntary Primary School by Esthermary Todd
  • The schooner Katie and her last master, Will Cort by Jonathan Varcoe
  • Bygone Polruan – As I remember by John Richards
  • Fowey Docks and the 1933 Mille Miglia Part 2 by Helen Doe
  • The J Class Yachts at Fowey by Helen Doe
  • Memories of Polruan in 1940 by Captain Melville Hocken
  • Memories of Watty’s Yard by Gerry Hones
  • Laying up the Boat by Sir Arthur Quiller-Couch
  • Favourite Places by Sally Penhaligon, Alex Lewis and Hazel Dudley

Journal Volume 1 (2014)

Volume 1 (2014)


  • Josiah Hunkin and the last local trading vessels on the South Coast of Cornwall by Jonathan Varcoe
  • Fowey Docks and the 1933 Mille Miglia by Helen Doe
  • Mixtow in Wartime by Martin Sheppard
  • From the Alroy to the Zingra: an examination of the records of Fowey Harbour dues in 1889 by Alex Lewis
  • Six independent Women in Nineteenth Century Polruan by Helen Doe
  • Favourite Places by Hilda Marshall-Johnson, Tim Caulfield and Angie Crown